Telehealth for the Elderly


Preventing loneliness and offering help in the event of any unforeseen situation or emergency is the main objective of home telecare for elderly and dependent people. Telehealth has been in operation for several years, but it is now when its boom is greater due to all the benefits it brings.

Many healthcare companies are turning to this service. In fact, this resource is included in the services offered by Americare, where Faivish Pewzner serves as the COO of Americare. In order to make sure their patients get the very best care, Mr. Pewzner is constantly searching for new tools to expand Americare’s universe of services. That’s why they are one of only a select few home health agencies to provide Tele-health services – a program that brings together the latest advancements in cutting edge technology with the personal touch of Americare’s home health aides.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a service that offers autonomy to the elderly so that they are actively aging. It is used both to ask for help, for emergencies, as well as to be able to speak with someone on the phone. Home telehealth is especially aimed at people with disabilities and older people who live alone in their private homes. Dependence generates vulnerability in this sector of the population. For this reason, Faivish Pewzner explains, telehealth is a very valuable tool to eliminate obstacles that may impede their autonomy.

How does telehealth work for the elderly?

Telehealth for the elderly is usually made up of a hands-free system, which is attached to a bracelet or medallion that the older adult must wear. The medallion or bracelet has a button that activates communication with a switchboard. This means that in order for it to work, it is usually necessary to have a landline phone in the home.

There are more modern telecare services, in which the bracelet or watch itself incorporates the Internet wirelessly. In these cases, you have access to the Internet in a similar way to mobile data. This avoids possible mishaps. This is the case when the elderly person leaves the landline phone off the hook and no matter how much they press the button, they are not telling anyone.

When the switchboard receives the alert, a telemarketer quickly contacts the person to speak through the hands-free microphone and speaker. Then they activate the necessary mechanisms to resolve the situation, in which they can notify 112 and the neighbors and/or direct relatives.

With the help of Faivish Pewzner, The Americare Companies now has its own telehealth service for the elderly. In its service, you can have a push button together with a terminal that connects your loved one with professionals 24 hours a day.