Faivish Pewzner is a well-organized and challenge-driven chief operating officer of The Americare. In the local community, he is recognized for being a person with extensive expertise in the medical industry.

Pewzner is a Brooklyn native, born 1956 in New York. After graduating from Brooklyn College, he continued his goal to become a dynamic and results-driven professional. In 1995 Pewzner was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Americare, responsible for providing superior customer service. In the years to follow he created a career leading the clinical operations within Americare. He is known for his qualified professional approach and his passion for patients’ safety and the quality of provided services.

At Americare, Pewzner continuously contributes to developing the programs, managing budgets, and ensuring regulatory compliance in the fast-paced environment, which brings satisfaction to both clients and the company’s management. In the past years working as an Executive Vice President and COO of Americare, Pewzner demonstrated his ability to leverage the in-depth knowledge of quality improvements in overcoming various challenges and continually achieving positive clinical outcomes. He is a motivational team builder whose success is displayed through the advancement of Americare’s staff training. Faivish Pewzner is capable of building positive connections with patients and staff at all levels and his approach towards tasks is accepted as a way of accomplishing a wide breadth and depth of organizational objectives.

With superb interpersonal skills Mr. Pewzner is able to:

  • effectively collaborate with management and coworkers;
  • build a positive and cohesive work environment;
  • embrace new challenges;
  • and contribute to the organization’s overall success.

His skills include:

  • Community Relations;
  • Program Development;
  • Grant Administration;
  • Contract Negotiations;
  • Financial Budgeting;
  • Project Management;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Multi-Site Operations Management

At The Americare Companies Faivish Pewzner currently holds the position of regional chief operating officer for Brooklyn, NY. Being a COO of a multihospital company with annual revenues of above $200 million, Pewzner is responsible for the operational management of Americare’s 6 member hospitals. These facilities are providing services throughout New York City and surrounding areas – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island, Westchester, Rockland, & more. With all these facilities Americare Companies can offer over 500 beds.

His accomplishments during his tenure are extensive:

  • converted two hospitals from county ownership to ownership over a 12-month period;
  • established a purchasing program for the entire system that resulted in $2 million in first-year savings;
  • implemented insurance programs for the entire system in the interest of uniformity;
  • conducted several CONs, which led to substantial expansion of Americare facilities.

Mr. Pewzner previously served for several years as the executive director for Americare hospital in North Brunswick, NJ. As a result of his work, the company regained two-year accreditation soon after his arrival. In addition, he developed Americare’s first financial, personnel, and capital equipment budgets, as well as improved the hospital’s financial performance from an operating loss in the mid-1990s to four years of successive improvements.

Moving to Brooklyn, and working as a COO, he developed a physician recruitment program that added many physicians to Americare’s medical staff. Mr. Pewzner entered the health care administration after completing his Master of Health Administration at George Washington University in the US capital. Through his membership with the American College of Healthcare Executives, the American Hospital Association, and the Florida Hospital Association, he actively participates in the ongoing issues with the home care sector.

Outside of his work Pewzner enjoys sports activities such as playing tennis and golf.