Volunteering at Americare

faivish pewzner americare

People with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia need special attention. For relatives and professional caregivers caregiving is not always an easy task due to the heavy workload.

Even dementia patients do it well when volunteers and helpers deal with them – at home or in a nursing facility like ours, says Faivish Pewzner from Americare. You get variety in everyday life and new incentives. Your well-being is increasing. However, it is important that volunteers are willing to get involved in the long term. For the better, they know those affected, their life history and situation, the more they can achieve. What’s more, those who commit themselves to old age and society to old age are always experiencing new things and keeping themselves active. That makes them happy and increases satisfaction.

Fields of application for volunteers

Who wants to help dementia patients and their relatives, has a wealth of opportunities. They range from simple neighborhood help to the support of people with dementia to participate in professional institutions and self-help organizations. It is always advisable to have a look at various offers before deciding.

Contact points for committed people

In every city and every community, there are contact points for people who want to volunteer. Volunteer agencies and services, in particular, Americare, help volunteers to find what they are looking for. Other organizations also like to give an overview of the possible uses on site.