4 Little Known Benefits of Home Healthcare

Home healthcare can be a useful way to manage your health without the need for constant medical attention. Similarly, the elderly prefer to stay home rather than go to a skilled nursing facility. Home health care can provide a variety of benefits to support activities of daily living, including assistance with cooking, cleaning, and even bathing. Here, Faivish Pewzner, who serves as COO of Americare, shares 4 benefits of receiving care at home that you may not be aware of.

4 Little Known Benefits of Home Healthcare

There are so many benefits of home healthcare that it can be difficult to know where to start. An individual can receive assistance with anything from personal care like bathing and grooming, to help with daily living tasks such as cooking, shopping, and cleaning. Allowing an individual to live at home while receiving home healthcare allows them greater independence and mobility. There are many benefits of home healthcare that should not be overlooked. Below, Faivish Pewzner lists four little known benefits of home healthcare.

1. Home Healthcare Is a Great Solution for Seniors

Home healthcare services allow individuals the option of living independently in their homes and maintaining or regaining their independence. One of the best benefits of home health care is that it is often an ideal solution for older patients.

2. Home Healthcare Can Offer More Flexibility

Unlike hospital-based care, home care offers greater flexibility for caregivers and clients alike, which makes it a good fit for those with unpredictable schedules.

3. Home Healthcare Offers Greater Privacy and Security

In contrast to hospitals which require clearances with the government, and have limited hours, home health care allows clients to choose when they want to receive care and gives them more privacy and security than would be possible if they were hospitalized.

4. Home Healthcare Can Be Cheaper

A client’s location has a lot to do with how much they’ll spend on healthcare costs each year, but even in locations where medical care is significantly more expensive, having a home health agency provide services can be cheaper than patient reimbursement at a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

How Does Home Healthcare Work?

Home healthcare is a form of care that allows individuals to receive assistance from an individual or team of providers. Typically, these caregivers are nurses and therapists but in some cases doctors may also be involved.

Home healthcare can provide services for anything from personal care like bathing and grooming, to help with daily living tasks such as cooking, shopping, and cleaning.

Home healthcare allows individuals greater independence and mobility. They are able to live at home while receiving care in the comfort of their own home. Benefits of home healthcare include:

•The ability to choose which caregiver provides their service

•Increased motivation with fewer interruptions

•Continuous support in managing chronic conditions

•A higher quality of life because they can stay at home

•The opportunity to be involved in decision-making

•An easier transition after hospitalization

Where Can You Find Home Healthcare?

It can be difficult to find a home healthcare provider. There are many organizations that offer such services, including The Americare Companies, where healthcare executive Faivish Pewzner serves as the Chief Operating Officer.

If you do have difficulty finding a provider, it’s best to find out what agencies provide home healthcare in your area before you start looking for providers. Once you’ve found an agency that provides home healthcare in your area, they will be able to direct you to providers in your surrounding areas.

Lastly, if all else fails, check with the National Association of Home Care and Hospice at www.nahc.org for additional resources for finding providers.