Corporate Culture of Health and Well-being

Health and Wellbeing Americare

The ever-improving living conditions extend the human life span, and due to the aging population, but also the increased focus on healthy living, health care in the next 15 years will become the strongest industry in the world. The World Health Organization calculated that this industry would make up 22 percent of the world’s GDP by 2030, and will be the biggest driver of tourist travel. Looking to shape the future of health care and establish a sustainable smart health community, health care executive Faivish Pewzner has collaborated with stakeholders both within the health care ecosystem and those in converging industries.

Health care providers are stressing rigorous financial management, efficient operational performance, outcomes-based care, and innovative solutions development. Keeping this in mind, Americare COO Faivish Pewzner believes it is important to implement health care needs in corporate culture as well. In the workplace, well-being covers everything from work-life balance to physical environments. And when they’re happy and healthy, they’re more likely to be motivated and committed to their roles. A strong well-being program really gives HR departments a chance to generate positive change by helping people to work to the best of their ability.

Namely, the human resource management theory says that the largest capital of each company is its people, employees. Thus, in the near future, each developed management will strive for satisfied employees and find ways of material and immaterial stimulation and motivation. Health care is the safest statement of respect for employees, and providing regular systematic check-ups will bring significant savings. With years of experience working in the health care industry, Faivish Pewzner can make the best recommendations to boost the health of your business.

The new generation wants to not only perform well but also feel well. According to Faivish Pewzner, it is not just about benefits, but it’s gym culture, nutrition, social well-being, and mental health. Employees want to embrace the culture of health created at the workplace, supported by a healthy physical environment. From expert workshops and assessments to health coaching with physiologists, there are a number of ways to create a strategy and culture of well-being that benefits your people and your company.