Pewzner’s Review on Health Programs

healthy aging pewzner

In order to ensure that seniors will live not only longer but healthier lives, health executives from around the world, including Faivish Pewzner, came up with a global strategy and action plan on aging and health. This strategy helped move forward and establish a framework to successfully reach healthy aging for all. To build the systems required to meet the needs of older adults, and promote healthy aging, Mr. Pewzner calls all countries to get involved and commit to action. Developing age-friendly environments is a safe investment plan that will provide older adults with freedom of choice.

However, before we start to respond positively to the challenges brought about by aging populations, it is necessary to discard any outdated stereotypes, which require fundamental shifts in the things we do. That means profound changes in the way health policies are formulated and services are provided. Contrary to popular belief, compared to other factors such as the high costs of innovative medical technologies, aging has far less influence on health care expenditures. There is even evidence showing that decline in functionality is only loosely associated with growing old.