Pewzner Discusses Home Health Care

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Nowadays there are numerous initiatives to shift from a supply-driven health care system toward a patient-centered system organized around what patients need. Population aging is one of the key factors for addressing the problems of health care quality in our health care system. The rapid increase in the number of older Americans requires a high level of acute care in a comfortable setting. In 2030, the number of Americans above age 65 will be 60 percent higher than in 2010. Around 70 percent of those seniors will eventually need some kind of care.

With the increasing numbers of people living with chronic conditions and functional impairments, home care, and home healthcare industry services will continue to grow. Ensuring that older Americans with serious chronic illnesses can remain as independent as possible is one of the main health care challenges. Sustaining and maintaining the quality of life of your loved ones, while keeping them safe and comfortable in their home is just one of the many perks of home health care. Apart from being unique because it is provided at home, it is also less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective. As the chief operating officer of a health care agency, Faivish Pewzner is committed to quality improvement and working together with hospitals in order to prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions. Patients receiving one-on-one attention is another major advantage of home care and something that a resident in a hospital or nursing facility would not receive otherwise. Recent statistics show that there are somewhere around 7.6 million disabled or chronically ill individuals in the United States that currently receive home care services.